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What Esthetic Aligner is?
As a nearly invisible Innovative Aesthetic treatment, Esthetic Aligner Uniontech consists in a series of transparent and thin masks that, applied in sequence, gradually and progressively reposition the teeth until the desired alignment.

In most cases the aesthetic results are visible in a very short time after starting the treatment, without altering the smile. The small imperfections, the moderate overlapping or excessive spacing will disappear and your teeth will be re-aligned, everyone will see the result, without ever noticed the treatment.

The aligners are custom made. Impressions of your teeth are taken or applying brand new technologies (Oral Scanner) we can directly detect the scans of your dental arches, implementing a new digital technological system especially developed in our laboratories in Italy, by our orthodontic technicians, who are very familiar with the practice and design a simulation of the movement of each tooth during treatment. All made according to the instructions of the doctor's prescription.