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How does it work?
The Orthodontist will determine if your mouth is well suited to this type of treatment.
Considering the feasibility of the treatment, impressions are taken or using new technologies (Oral Scanner) we'll be able to directly detect the scans of your dental arches. The latter will be send to the Uniontech laboratory where expert orthodontist technicians, very familiar with this technique and complying with the clinical instructions given, will develop, by implementing an innovative digital system, a digital project, which will simulate the movement of each tooth.

The project obtained will be sent to the doctor, who, thanks to a 3d image, will see a virtual presentation of the teeth at the start, during and at the end of treatment, and on the basis of the indicated number of masks, he will be able to inform the patient about the treatment duration.

Patient's cooperation is essential. If he does not wear masks as his doctor prescribes, the treatment duration could lengthen. Teeth movements are progressive, transmitted by each mask. The patient cannot wear the next mask if the objectives of the current one have not been reached yet.

Movement is guaranteed!

Esthetic Aligner Uniontech does not need wires, clamps or bands and is used day and night, except at meal times, for 2/3 weeks.
The orthodontist, through periodic checks, verifies the progressive movement of the teeth, until complete alignment.
The masks are transparent and flexible, they are comfortable and do not cause irritation in the mouth. They can be easily removed at each time, to drink, eat and wash the teeth, without this involving a stop in the treatment.
They do not make the patient feel uneasy, do not interfere and limit his life style in any way.


The masks are made available shortly after the impressions have been taken.

The masks are not fixed and are not hooked to the teeth. They can be easily and quickly removed before eating or for daily dental hygiene. They are tailor made, on the basis of patient's impressions.

The masks are smooth, comfortable, flexible and pleasant to the touch. In no way they make the patient feel uneasy or cause irritations.

Made in Italy
Scanning, digital set-up and masks are developed at our laboratories, directly realized by our expert orthodontic technicians.