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About Us
"Uniontech ? My orthodontic laboratory!"
This is how we like being defined.

The laboratory technicians in UNIONTECH have always been focused and committed in integrating the best technical practices of the orthodontic field. Our team of Senior technicians offers great professionalism. And it is our experience that allows us to make a remarkable difference in terms of quality, services and punctuality when compared to competitors. Experience has also taught us that every orthodontist requires devices often unique and very complex. The constant communication proved to be the foundation for long-lasting and constructive work relationships.

Uniontech groups together professionals who understand your technical/clinical needs.

Cutting edge technique and quality
Being at the forefront in the design and development of the latest orthodontic methods and equipment is our primary purpose.

Our staff works closely with some of the greatest experts in the field of orthodontics and attends both national and international refresher courses. We are an official partner of Continuing Education and the sole Italian laboratory recognized by the group of orthodontists constituting the FACE Tx network.
We select our suppliers by applying strict quality, service and efficiency criteria.

It is through these activities that we are able to provide the technical expertise, support, materials and development processes that you need and deserve.
Stay with us, we have big plans to be realized together!

Delivery commitments
We comply with the requests made to our offices across the country and recognize the importance deadlines have. We encourage the practice of anticipating the delivery time by one or two days to eliminate the effect of delays due to possible problems the carriers cooperating with us may encounter, so as to ensure punctual delivery in all conditions.

We look forward aspiring to long-term working relationships.


We are headquartered not only in Parma and Milan, but also in Vicenza, Rome and Naples.

More than 30 orthodontic technicians in our team guarantee a high production capacity, while maintaining a quality level of excellence. We produce exclusively orthodontic appliances. All the training of technicians in our laboratories is carried out according to, and in compliance with, UNIONTECH's standards.

This allows us to always meet your needs.